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灣仔伸展瑜珈班 2527 4000 / 9303 1671 拉筋修身 減肥減壓 個人/2人/親子瑜珈 擁有健康 活力及充滿正能量

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趕走失眠的瑜珈動作_ Some Yoga postures of Saying goodbye to Insomnia 
(Ida Poon You Tube瑜珈教學_A Teaching Lesson of Ida Poon in You Tube Channel)

Hare Krsna. 今天會分享一些趕走失眠的瑜珈動作。研究顯示香港約有220萬成年人有失眠問題,平均每10人之中,就有4人失眠,壓力是主要原因。瑜珈運動能夠舒緩身心,第一個坐着單腳曲膝向前俯伏的動作,牽涉了14條主要的大經脈,令我們只看着自己,抽離於思考,讓我們更專注於我們的身體之中,那樣便容易放鬆及進入睡眠狀態。只要利用睡前短短十多分鐘進行瑜珈伸展,便能夠修護日間疲累的身心,睡眠質素也可以相應提昇,從而遠離失眠困擾! 值得一提,治療失眠亦可從「心理」開始,如需要專業心理輔導可以致電2527 4000 / 9303 1671預約專業心理面談。記得先做熱身才開始練習瑜珈動作。享受瑜珈, 享受生命! Namaste!

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Hare Krsna. Today we will share some yoga postures of getting rid of insomnia. Studies have shown that about 2.2 million HK adults have suffered from insomnia. On average, 4 out of every 10 people suffered from insomnia and stress is the main cause. Yoga exercise can release our tense body and restless mind. The first one sitting with one leg bend forward yoga pose, which involving 14 major meridians, make us only looking at ourselves, detach from cognitive thinking, and let us focus more on our body. Hence, it will be easy for us to relax and enter to sleeping state. It is required only 10 more minutes to stretch before going to bed, can get rid of our physical and mental fatigue and enhance our sleeping quality. It is worth mentioning that the treatment of insomnia can start from "psychological" focus. If you need any professional psychological support (such as counseling, consultation or coach…), you can contact us 2527 4000 / 9303 1671 to make formal psychological appointment. Remember to do warm-up exercises first before performing our Energized Yoga. Enjoy Yoga, Enjoy Life! Namaste!

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Instagram: bhakti_yoga_hk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BhaktiYogaHK
Meetup: 伸展瑜珈班_Stretching-Yoga-Group
Special thanks to Patrick Lo for filming and post-production.

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