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Personal Trainer & Sport Massage Service

Wanna to have some motivation in fitness? I m the person who can help u.

I have 2 years fitness experience, after i found out that I m very interesting in fitness industry, i completed the foundation certificate at HKPFA, Now I m working as a freelance Personal Trainer, My specialises in working with fitness beginners as he understands the significance of bio-individuality and gradual progression. Since everyones bodies and fitness levels and different. it is not ideal, for begineers especially, to attempt random training programmes. CM coaching fitness programmes are, therefore, specifically designed for the clients based on their personal fitness level and goals, current lifestyle and exercise habits. A well-personalised programme will not only help you attain your goals most effectively but also provide the safest enviroment. Thanks for your time.

My working hour is from 24/7.

No Pain No Gain.

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