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Hong Kong Cricket Club Fitness Centre

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Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre is located in the Annexe building overlooking the carpark. It is fully equipped with cardio equipment ranging from Crosstrainers to treadmills, bikes and a rowing machine. The fitness centre has a wide range of strength machines to target every major muscle group along with a squat rack and Olympic bar with enough weight to cater for the most conditioned athlete. It is also equipped with a cable machine and swissballs for functional exercise with a stack of dumbbells ranging from 5lbs up to 50lb. Your exercise doesn’t have to be boring as the centre is equipped with TV’s showing 7 sports channels, BBC News, ABC Asia, a music channel and a facility to watch your favourite and latest DVD releases to make your workout much more pleasureable.


The Fitness Centre also offers:
• 1 on 1 Personal Training
• Bootcamp
• Nutritional Advice

For those who want guidance through the Fitness Centre, take advantage of our weekly orientation of the equipment. The gym is open for members 14 years and over however all those between the ages of 14-16 must attend the Fitness Orientation first to ensure all safety procedures are followed. Please contact us at the Sports Annexe dept on 3511 8698 or email [email protected]

Personal Training

Personal Trainers

Qualified and experienced Personal Trainers are available to help you take charge of your exercise future. Details please contact our Recreation Dept at 2574 6006.

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