Northern Chinese Kung Fu Class-Wudang, 36 Kicking style, Xing Yi, Ba Ji 

This class is conducted by Northern Chinese Kung Fu Master, previous China Wudangshan Wudang Wushu School famous Kung Fu Coach, Wudang Kung Fu Performance Group Member, Master Guo Dongwei Shifu (see below).

*Master Guo is not Taoist or Buddhist.We welcome all students with different religious belief and Kung Fu is not related to religious belief.

Teach Wudang Kung Fu, 36 Kicking style, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Ji Quan and several northern Chinese Kung Fu (click here to visit Master Guos Kung Fu Channel).Emphasis on basic skills of Chinese Kung Fu which includes movement training, stretching, jump training, strength training, physical training. Teach Chinese kung Fu traditional weapons including Swords, Knife, Stick, Spear and Nine-Section Whip etc.Learn gradually from low level to high level.Suitable for those who loves martial arts, loves sports, plans to lose weight or wish to build up his/her health.

Date ,Time & Place: Click here to see class timetable

*Class location includes Sheung Wan, Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui, Stanley, Lok Fu ,Mei Foo and Tuen Mun. 

Course fee:
Pay $680/4 consecutive lessons every month(no refund if absent, but can attend other Guo Shifus Kung fu class within 4 weeks after the absent as to make up the missed class,click here too see class timetable),
or pay $200/lesson every lesson

*Class duration is 1 hr since this class has less than 5 students now. The class duration will be increased to 1.5 hr if has 5 students or more.
*Chinese Kung Fu is used for stop violence and is not for encouraging violence.
*Master Guo is not Taoist or Buddhist.We welcome all students with different religious belief and Kung Fu is not related to religious belief.

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About Master Guo

Guo Dong Wei Shifu started to practice China national martial art since 8 years old in Shandong Wushu school. As he has talent in Kung Fu and got excellent performance in school, he was chosen by teacher to go study Shaolin kung fu (少林功夫) in Shaolin(少林) Wushu School. He then started to practice Shaolin Kung Fu there and became the member of Shaolin Kung Fu performance group and Shaolin Kung Fu coach.

When Guo Shifu was 15 years old, he decided to explore Wudang Kung Fu(武當功夫) to improve his kung fu skill. He went to Wudangshan(武當山)wushu school to start practice Wudang Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Wudangshan. He became the 15th generation of Wudang Kung Fu Master. He was chosen to be a member of Wudang Kung Fu performance group and performed Kung Fu in different countries including the United States, Brunei, Singapore and Taiwan etc.

Guo Shifu is a kind and friendly kung fu master and he has great patience in teaching student. Guo Shifu have taught Kung Fu in Wudangshan Wudang Kung Fu School for some years and he also taught Kung Fu in his kung fu brother, Chen Shixing’s China Wudang Kung Fu Academy. In there, he met foreign students from different countries and has experience in teaching foreign students. He is fluent in Mandarin and can speak & understand Cantonese. Also, he can speak simple English since he has many experiences in teaching foreign student.

Master Guo has practised Chinese Kung Fu for more than 25 years.Beside Shaolin and Wudang Kung Fu, he also practiced several northern Chinese Kung Fu i-Ba Gua Quan (八卦), Xing Yi Quan (形意), Ba Ji Quan(八極) and Health building-up Kung Fu- Ba Duan Jin(八段錦 ),Wu Qin Xi (五禽戲) and Yi Jin Jing(易筋經).

Recently, he teaches Chinese Kung Fu and health-building up Kung Fu in Hong Kong and may teach in China or oversea if being invited.

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65812663 in Youtube or click here.

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