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The Oceanway Corporation Limited began operations in Hong Kong 1995 primarily as a diver training operation.  It quickly diversified into marine engineering and conservation.  Oceanway pioneered the "Three Tier Coral Survey Technique" in the late 1990's and in 2000 we started the marine ecology section.  Work started primarily with corals.  

In 2001 we successfully carried out a large coral transplant in Hong Kong.  Over 8000 colonies were relocated to make way for a pier.  The heaviest colony was ~800kg.  It took us one month to carry out the underwater work.  One of the factors that became apparent was the lack of inexpensive techniques that could be used to repair damaged corals and to glue colonies down.

The company invested into methods of successful coral transplantation and looking into new methods of adhering broken coral fragments to hard substratum underwater.  The breakthrough came in 2004, with the development of Sea-C-Cement.   To date there has been  over 40 tonnes of this adhesive used on coral reefs in Asia.  This adhesive is suitable for both hard and soft corals.

We then seriously looked into transplant techniques in order to maximize the success rates of coral transplants.  After many detailed surveys we established a connection between the health of individual species to specific water parameters in areas.  This way we managed to isolate the important physical factors that need to be considered when deciding receiver areas for relocated corals.  Once this was done, we designed and built underwater dataloggers to monitor these critical parameters.

During this period we also considered other types of marine area surveys, including benthic and intertidal.  We introduced diver coring benthic surveys to allow for a more reliable method of obtaining mud samples in areas with a lot of rubbish, dumped material and overhead environments.  We also kept the survey methods we use up to date.

On the training side, we developed a way of training divers that was fun, enjoyable and left them with a knowledge of the marine environment.  We currently work with 3 local schools teaching students all levels of recreational diving.  We must be doing something right, they keep coming back for more.

During the 21st century, Oceanway will continue to strive towards a better marine environment for all.

Unit 3, 34 Tai Chung Hau Village,Sai Kung, New Territories,Hong Kong.
Tel       : 2791 5331
Fax      : 2792 5331
Mobile : 9866 4400
email : hkocl@hkocl.com
Web : www.hkocl.com

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