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Badminton coach

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Do you want to improve your game? Are you stuck in a serval problems that makes you confused? Are you willing to move your game to the next stage?

Hi, I am Coach Yip. I have been playing badminton over 15 years. Also, I have 4 years coaching experiences with different age groups and levels.

I also created a facebook page that i will upload some DIY badminton video for you! The link as below.



-Hong Kong Badminton Association Ltd -Pre level one coaching certificate

-Asian Academy For Sports & Fitness Professionals

- Advanced Fitness Trainer

- Sport Science & Fitness Foundation

For the competitions

-2018 Tai Wan Hero men’s single 3.0 bronze medal

-2019 Middle West district men’s single competition bronze medal

-2021 northern district men’s single competition silver medal

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