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私人籃球訓練 運動員體能訓練 personal basketball and workout programme.

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一對一私人籃球訓練配合運動員體能訓練personal basketball and workout programme.希望以多年來接受的籃球訓練和實戰經驗來教授不同年齢的籃球愛好者, 我們認為籃球不單是一種運動, 透過籃球訓練還可以鍜練青少年及幼童的紀律性和解決問題的能力. 近年籃球的熱潮有上升的趨勢, 有更多的人會留意本地篮球比赛甚至繼以愛上了籃球這項運動, 但缺乏專業的訓練和指導使他們未能完全感受到籃球所帶來的樂趣. 所以希望以小組或單人的專業籃球訓練配合體適能訓練來讓不同的人感受到打籃球所帶來的樂趣! With years of basketball training and practical experience for coaching for different ages, we believe that basketball is not only a sport. During the basketball training, it can also train the discipline and improve the problems-solving ability for teenagers and young children. Basketball now becomes a popular sport in Hong Kong, people started to pay more attention to the local game and fall in love with this sport. However, lack of professional training and guidance makes them unable to fully enjoy the fun of the game. Our group provide group or personal professional basketball with fitness training, let join our professional training today to feel the fun of playing basketball together !All Ages年齡不限Price negotiable 價錢查詢教練:現役 甲一二球員Coaches: current players of local A1 and A2 basketball league Contacts Us查詢:Whatsapp: +852 63460667Instagram : 95performance
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