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ARDK-UHONGI 經絡健康管理系統介紹

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ARDK-UHONGI 經絡健康管理系統介紹
 (非侵入式, 五分鐘掃描得知身體健康真相,健康指數看人生, 人際及人事的溝通工具) ARDK-UHONGI-經絡檢測客觀量化具體呈現之儀器:由前蘇聯中央科學研究院結合125位科學家研發而成的經絡健康管理系統,為蘇聯太空人在太空中檢測生理及心理健康的儀器。 其研究團隊成員包含上百位科學家、醫學家、統計學家、各科權威醫師及保持百餘位醫學家耗費35年,累積超過上百萬個病例,並建立了龐大的臨床資料庫,因此準確度相當高,超過百分之90以上。 ARDK-UHONGI只要5分鐘,便能測出全身身體亞健康狀況,也是唯一能測出心理狀態之儀器,可作為亞健康追蹤的輔助利器。ARDK-UHONGI因為品質、精確度獨步全球,深獲各界好評。ARDK-UHONGI是一套空前絕後的亞健康檢測儀器,能突破目前理學檢查盲點,準確度達百分之90。 適合健檢中心/健康食品業/精油業/直銷業/美容院/休閒SPA生活舘/傳統民俗中心/健康食品店/腳底按摩健康中心/學校/社區/家庭….等, 請與我們聯絡:聯絡電話:886-945503888

 ARDK-UHONGI Meridian Health Management System introduced

(Non-invasive, five minutes scanning the truth that good health, the health index to see life and interpersonal communication tools and personnel)

ARDK-UHONGI-Meridian test to quantify the specific objective of the present instruments: the former
Soviet Union by the Central Institute of Science and Technology with 125 scientists from research and development of the Meridian Health Management System for the Soviet astronauts in space testing the psychological and physical health of the equipment.

Its research team members include more than 100 scientists, medical scientists, statisticians, physicians and authority to maintain branches in more than 100 medical scientists spent 35 years on the accumulated more than 1 million cases and the establishment of a large clinical database, so accurate A very high degree, more than 90 percent above.

ARDK-UHONGI as long as five minutes, will be able to detect sub-healthy state of physical body is only able to detect psychological
The state apparatus can be used as the supplementary sub-health tracking tool.
ARDK-UHONGI because of the quality, accuracy else has, the Internet has detected more than 100 million passengers, all praise be deep.
ARDK-UHONGI subhealth is an unprecedented test of the equipment, can break through the current physical examination blind spots, the accuracy of up to 90 percent.

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