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Provide you with the most complete pet care services

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Creature Comforts is a fully equipped Veterinary Housecall Practice. Operating in a custom designed vehicle and with the backing of our own state-of-the-art veterinary hospital, Creature Comforts can come to your home at your convenience and perform a full range of veterinary services:

wellness checks
examination & treatment of sick animals
emergency consultations
surgery and hospitalisation


veterinary dentistry

transportation to and from our hospital

Please note that surgical, radiographic and ultrasound procedures are performed at our base clinic

East Island Animal Hospital.

 The principal veterinarian at Creature Comforts is Dr. David Gething.

Dr. David graduated from Murdoch University in Australia with first class merit honours and has practised in Perth, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Apart from small animal practice,
Dr. David has been awarded the Walthams Regional Small Animal Nutrition Award, published research papers in Exotic Animal Medicine, has been an invited speaker at the Australian Veterinary Association Conference and has recently completed year-long post-graduate training in Small Animal (Dog and Cat) Internal Medicine.

Dr David is also a frequent invited contributor to a number of Hong Kong magazines and the South China Morning Post newspaper. 

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