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更新於: 2011-03-01 2,356 刊登者: NATURAL STONES LTD 浩園石坊
浩 園 石 坊  專業提供特色『骨灰盒、墓石/墓碑及雕刻像』
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1.以全新概念、思維及精湛的工藝,為您的至愛設計及建造 『安身所』。此外,我們亦打破傳統,首家引入歐洲『時尚優雅』 的骨灰盒及海葬骨灰盒,為您至愛的需要提供更多的選擇


Natural Stones LimitedSpecializes in offering the uniqueness of urns, tombstones and statues.To view our sharing, please click  http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/tombstones-urns / http://www.tombstone-n-urn.biz.com.hkhttp://www.fjstone.cn Our mission is to provide innovative, compassionate and meaningful offerings to enrich and personalize the memorialization of a beloved one.We are the First Company to introduce the unique urns from Europe and sea burial urns for customers, who are seeking unique products for their beloved.

We understand your needs, provide custom-made products and personalize service to safeguard the memory of a life.