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turn Innovation, Great Idea and Know How into a successful venture with powerful combination of peop

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Locheer Group was an independent direct investment group established in Hong Kong since 1994.

Locheer's key geographical focus is Hong Kong, Asia and China. We believe the Asia-Pacific is the most dynamic economic region in the world. Great China will become the next major global economic power in coming decade.

Founders were a group of high net-worth individual investors including major shareholders from listed companies, investment banks and medical/healthcare professionals.

Robert Lam, founder of the group, has 15 years experience in business development and project consultancy. He has track record in establishment of extensive distribution networks for consumer in healthcare products/services. Over the past 5 years, he was successfully raising US 5 million from individual investment angels for the direct investment projects of the group.

Locheer Consultancy Limited was dedicated to incubate the direct investments of the group and also act as a syndicator and partner in other investments to provide practical and commercial strategies to achieve their goals.

Locheer has committed itself as both entrepreneurs and venture capitalist to companies seeking first round funding. The core of our strategy is to create some extraordinary companies and rewarded our investors and the entrepreneurs with significant financial returns:

Locheer also builds partnerships with other management teams and business experties to the projects we invested in. We have advisors from number of experienced business managers in the field of insurance medical and finance.

Marketing Service:

Locheer Consultancy Limited are specialized in packaging consumer products and servicing networks. Our focus are product/service development of medical, healthcare and insurance. Followings are the projects that we originated:



Root Carvings Arts


Locheer Shield

Locheer Cute


Locheer Care

Cheermate Network

HIT Card

Locheer Healthcare Centre



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