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~台灣置業 / 居留 /定居~ 
香港或澳門居民在臺灣地區有新臺幣六百萬元以上之投資,經中央目的事業主管機關審查通過者,得申請在臺灣地區居留。連續居留滿一年,或連續居留滿二年且每年在臺灣地區居住二百七十日以上, 可申請定居/歸化。 
港澳居民來台專區: 投資新台幣600萬來台居留·定居
Hong Kong and Macau Citizens

The Taiwan government does not treat Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR citizens as PRC nationals or foreign nationals. This special category includes persons who hold permanent Certificates of Identity

and passports issued by the governments of Hong Kong SAR or Macau SAR, or Portuguese passports obtained in Macau prior to the end of Portuguese rule.

Hong Kong or Macau Citizens may apply for temporary residence in Taiwan by making an investment in the Taiwan Area in the amount that is more than NT$6,000,000 either of capital, and has been approved or filed for future reference by the central authorities in charge of the investment.

After residing in Taiwan for a certain period of time, (1) continuously for one year or (2) 270 days per year for two years, Hong Kong or Macau Citizens may apply to take up residence in Taiwan.


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