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BonTakeng 24-hour air-con and electricty service

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BonTakeng is the strongest 24-hour air conditioning and electricty maintenance company in Hong Kong.

We are open to any customer: Village houses, Private building, Restaurant, Shop, School. If you have any problem of air conditioner or electricity, please feel free to contect us. We will provide a free quote and help you to fix the problem as soon as possible!

BonTakeng's provide a wide range of service: Air-con leaking water, Air-con lack of cold, Cannot open air-con, Clean air-con, Install wall-mounted split or window split air-con, Put in snow species, Refrigerator repair, Any electrical maintenance, fuse skipping...

BonTaKeng can show you the professional air conditioning and electricty maintenance. For example when we clean air-con: 1. Clean the dust screen 2. Use High-pressure water gun for cleaning deeply 3. Clean the fan 4. Use the potion for air-con 5. Clean the water hose 6. Check the temperature

We are feel free for getting any engineering work: air conditioning and electricty engineering.

WE ARE BonTakeng Company! 

On call 24-hour for help your problem! Call us: (+852)9865 4319 (Mr Tsui)

Tel(+852) 9865 4319 (Mr Tsui)

WhatsApp9865 4319

Email[email protected]

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