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SYMBOLIC SPACE LIMITED - An Interior design service provider

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      Room,Interior design,Ceiling,Living room,Property
      Interior design,Living room,Room,Ceiling,Property
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      Ceiling,Interior design,Room,Property,Building
      Building,Interior design,Lobby,Ceiling,Fast food restaurant

SYMBOLIC SPACE LIMITED  is an interior design services provider. We are involving different kinds of spaces, such as residential, restaurant and office......etc. The interior design service concerning Spacial arrangement; Harmonious visualization; Material solution; Furniture function proposal; Sound and Lighting control; to communicate between the Client and the Main contractor; Review with the Client in the construction period......etc. 

In commerce and F&B field, Full set drawing submission and Interior design meeting with BMO or developer; Tender services......etc a part of our services also.   

If you interesting in our services or any questions, please to contact us have no hesitation!  And also to visit our website for more information. Thank you!

  • Contact person : Joseph Kwok
  • Contact no. : 2160 3199 / 9031 0190.
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website : www.symbolic-space.com





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