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大圍翠景花園中層單位(私人物業轉售)Tai Wai Parkview Garden middle-level unit (For Private Sale)

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2022-04-13 刊登者: lukielluk


座數及單位: 沙田大圍8號碧田街1座H室中層單位(3房1套房)

面積:【實用率80%】886平方尺(總建築面積); 707 平方英尺(實用面積)屋苑內最寬敞的單位

  1. 位於沙田城門河上游,單位盈望城門河河景,環境宜人及空氣清新極為開揚光猛,環境清幽靜;
  2. 鄰近跑步徑及單車徑,旁為小山,工餘時間有充足的休戲地方亦可遠足,假日作息消遣極佳。
  3. 兩旁樹蔭空氣清新,春夏間鳥兒歌唱,蟬兒和應,景致療癒,賞心悅目。
  4. 屋苑內最寛敞舒適,中層單位正方形3房及2浴室,其中1為套廁。間隔實用,其實用率高達八成,市場上實屬難求。
  5. 座北向南,冬天陽光入半室,夏天剛至𥦬旁,故能達至冬暖夏涼的效果。單位對流穿窗,空氣流通。
  6. 位置適宜,從港鐵大圍站行約十分鐘程便能到達,亦可乘小巴直達大圍港鐵站,故清幽安靜,靜中帶旺四通八達,上班工作極為方便。
  7. 屋苑不設會所,故物業管理費相對便宜,但亦不乏基本設施,如平台花園、泳池、兒童遊樂場、單車場及停車場等;但對健康消閑有較高要求的人士,亦可到鄰近的康樂及文化事務署轄下美林體育館,備有多種運動設施及多元化康樂配套。
  8. 毗鄰 2 個綜合購物中心,亦近大圍市中心街市。附近政府公共設施臨立有各種不同社會服務中心如美林體育館及美田社區會堂,日常生活所需用品一應俱全。
  9. 物業由恒基兆業地產集團成員有限公司旗下恒益物業管理有限公司,信心保證。
  10. 私人轉讓可免中介費用。
  11. 全屋靚裝修,單位內的電線,總電箱,水喉管及煤氣錶亦巳更新,並非原有久遠落成時期,可即買即住。


校網:鄰近幼稚園沙田:名校臨立如培僑書院聖母無玷聖心書院、沙田官立小學。小學88網; 沙田中學





Parkview Garden, Tai Wai at the middle-level unit <South-facing view of the river, nice decorated, ready to move in.>

Flat Location: Flat H, Block 1, Parkview Garden, 8 Pik Tin Street, Tai Wai, Shatin  at the middle-level (3 bedrooms - 1 ensuite)

Area: 【Utilization rate 80%】 886 square feet (Gross Floor Area); 707 square feet (Saleable Area) Largest apartment in this estate

  1. Located in the upper steam of the Shing Mun River in Shatin facing the river view, the environment is pleasant and the air is fresh and very bright, and the environment is quiet;
  2. Adjacent to the estate is a running track and a cycling track with plenty of places to rest and hike in your spare time.
  3. A soothing environment with fresh air and birds sing in harmony. Suitable for families.
  4. One of the most spacious and comfortable in the housing estate in the area.  The middle-level unit is a square shape with 3 bedrooms (1 ensuite) and 2 bathrooms. With its practical design, and its utilization rate is as high as 80%.
  5. The building is located on the north and facing to the south, the sunlight comes into the half of the house in winter, and the summer just reached out to the borderline of the house, which makes the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. The unit is convection through the window, and the air is circulated.
  6. The location is convenient, taking only 10 minutes to walk to the Tai Wai MTR Station. Alternatively, a minibus service is also provided, making this the centre of a quiet yet prosperous town.
  7. As this housing estate does not have a clubhouse, so the property management fee is affordable, but there are basic facilities, such as podium gardens, swimming pools, children's playgrounds, bicycle parks and parking lots. However, those who enjoy further leisure can also visit to the nearby Mei Lam Sports Centre, a well-equipped sports centre with a variety of sports and recreational facilities.
  8. The estate is adjacent to 2 integrated shopping centers, and nearby to Tai Wai Central Market. There are various social service centers in the nearby government public facilities, such as Mei Lam Sports Centre and Mei Tan Community Hall, with all the daily necessities needed.
  9. The property is managed by Hang Yick Properties Management Limited, a subsidiary of Henderson Land Group.
  10. Private purchase does not require intermediary fees or property agency fees.
  11. The house is decorated with a modern style. The electrical wiring, main electrical floor box, water pipes and gas darts in the unit have also been replaced recently. After purchasing it you can move in immediately without any further renovations.

Other information:

Nearby Schools: Near Kindergarten Shatin: Famous schools such as Pui Kiu College, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Sha Tin Government Primary School. Primary School 88 Net; Secondary School Shatin

Facilities: Cycling parking, Car parking, podium garden, swimming pool, children's play


Age of estate: 28 years

**All information here is only for your reference.  Please take the sell and purchase contract as the final official.**

聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性