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Is an experienced, dynamic real estate company

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    Sirmans International Limited is an experienced, dynamic real estate company that specializes in sale, investment, and marketing of properties here in Hong Kong and Mainland China . Our services also cover corporate leasing and relocation services for multi-national corporations.

We are composed of well trained, professional and dedicated staff with many years experience in the field. Providing one-stop, tailor-made services to our valued customers give us a niche in the market.

Properties Sale & Investment Services :
Properties end-users and investors are our prominent valued customers.

For end-user customers, we offer all-rounded services ranging from searching for suitable houses to providing a series of after-sale services, by which we aim to take care of every detail for you!

For investors, we provide most updated market information and in-depth analysis for a wide range of properties, such as luxury residence, retail shops, offices and construction sites. We recognize that properties investment has become one of the most important investment tools in the financial market. Based on our past experiences, our customers could have desirable return in their investment with our distinguished services.

Corporate Leasing & Relocation Services :
Our customers from multi-national corporations and their families often seek our help in their relocation initiative to Hong Kong or the Mainland China. We are here to help solve their daily life concerns that may arise during the whole process, especially for those first comers.

In fulfilling the unique needs of corporations and their staff, our Corporate Leasing Team display expertise in house-hunting, tenancy negotiations and providing key market information. Also, as a facilitator, we offer a full package of relocation services to our customers such as orientation, school visits and arrangements, and applications of working visa, HK Identity Card and relevant driving licenses. We also provide services in property management, in & outbound moving and even home renovation.

With our insider knowledge on the local realty market and our grasp in Hong Kong , our staff can provide the widest choice of properties in highest quality, and optimum solutions for all possible concerns, for our customers and their family members.

Our Team :
We have been highly successful at establishing long-lasting, friendly and trusting relationships with our valued customers. The key is our understanding of the uniqueness of our customers and then providing highly individualized, tailor-made services, while still emphasizing confidentiality at all times.

Teamwork approach is another principle of our daily practice. All staff are encouraged to exchange relevant market information, and community resources among themselves on a daily basis. This will ensure that all of our staff offer the best possible and quality services to our customers.

Our sales and leasing teams are dedicated to creating exceptional real estate experiences for our customers in the region with our passion and dedication in the whole process.
We strongly believe, ”Being your earnest dream home realtor, We are working in your best interest !”

Please Call 81010087
Please Call 81010087
Please Call 81010087

web http://www.sirmans.com.hk

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