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元朗仁愛獸醫診所 Petcore Veterinary Clinic - Yuen Long

更新於: 2014-07-10 2,641 刊登者: petcoreyl

We are a caring and responsible veterinary clinic located in the New Territories, which provides all kinds of services to your beloved pets, our services are (but not limited to) : Radiography, Ultrasonography, Blood Test, Urine Test, Spay/Neuter, Surgery, Hospitalization, Vaccination and Clinical Laboratory.

我們是一間有愛心且盡責的獸醫診所(位於新界元朗) - 我們能為你們的寶貝們提供以下(但不止於) 的服務 : X 光診斷, 超聲波診斷, 驗血, 驗尿, 絶育手術, 一般外科手術, 留院, 防疫注射及 各項化驗等等。

地址: 新界元朗安寧路110-136A好景樓地下12號舖

Address: Shop No. 12, 110-136A On Nin Road, Yuen Long, New Territories

電話 (Tel): 2394-7300