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Welcome to Dr. Eric’s Animal Clinic

更新於: 2008-11-18 1,387 刊登者: Dr. Eric Lai Cheong Sang

Welcome to Dr. Erics Animal Clinic


Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic is located in Happy Valley and Tseung Kwan O. Both clinics is owned and operated by Dr. Eric Lai. The practice is not just limited to dogs and cats, but will often see rabbits, chinchillas, birds, hamsters and other exotic animals.

Dr. Eric owns and operates both clinics since its openning in 2003. He has been a veterinarian for 7 years and is very active in promoting animal health in the community. He appears as a regular radio presenter on RTHK 2 at 11:30am every Monday for 2 years, he is commonly interviewed about both animal health & care and topical issues by Sing Tao, Apple Daily, Sing Pao, South China Morning Post, Ming Pao, Oriental, TVB, Asia Television and many magazines and other Hong Kong media.  Dr. Eric often appears on Media from overseas including those from China and Taiwan.

Dr. Eric has had many years of experience with Animal Welfare having worked both at the R.S.P.C.A in Australia and the S.P.C.A in Hong Kong.  He is currently working with Hong Kong Dog Rescue and Lemma Animal Protection Society to desex and treat animals that need help.  He has a special interest in exotics especially rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, birds and fishes, having worked a short while at Ocean Park.

It is our mission to provide the best possible medical and surgical care in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Our ultimate mission is to improve animal welfare and awareness in Hong Kong by educating the public to animal related issues.


Our clinics are well equipped with facilities to provide the following services:

診所服務: 外全科, X-光檢查, 驗血檢查, 小便檢查 , 科手術, 骨科手術, 洗牙護理, 留院服務, 殮葬服務, 健康證明書, 各種預防針注射, 健康檢查,由鄧老師提供的動物行為訓練課程,李純一醫生提供的動物針灸,超聲波分析。

Comprehensive Clinical Examinations for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds, Chinchillas and other exotic species; Surgery both Soft tissue and Orthopedic; Dentistry; On-site x-rays; On-site Blood & Urine Analysis; In-house cytology and culture; Rabies and Microchip; Annual Vaccinations; Export Health Certificates; New Pet Health Checks; In-house blood test for FIV, FeLV, FIP, Heartworm, distemper and Parvo; Performed Rabies Titre tests for export to EU countries and Australia; Grooming Services; Computerised so your medical history is with us no matter which clinic you visit, Animal Behaviour and Training Service with Miss Rose Tang. (NEW) colour doppler ultrasonography.  Both clinics open 7 days a week for your convienence.