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更新於: 2011-05-23 878 刊登者: Kowloon Cat Hospital

Kowloon Cat Hospital is a Feline exclusive vet clinic that provides quality veterinary care to your dearest feline family members. The clinic is "Cats Only", without the noise and smell of other animals so that your cat can relax in a more comfortable enivironment when they need to pay a visit to the vet, either for annual health checks or when not feeling well.
Our resident Cat vets Dr Jaime Chin and Dr Kaman Wong are here in this well equipped hospital to help your cat stay healthy and fight diseases. Please visit our website
www.kowlooncathospital.com.hk for more details of our services and call us at 2309 2011 for appointments.


我們的駐院貓科獸醫Dr Jaime與Dr Kaman會全心全意在此設備齊全的貓醫院提供最專業的意見給您與您的愛貓。請瀏覽我們的網頁 www.kowlooncathospital.com.hk,或致電2309 2011預約診症時間。