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Ticks & Fleas

Control of these skin parasites is extremely important as they can cause skin irritation or allergy, and ticks can carry serious diseases.

Fleas are very difficult to control as they spend most of their life off the animal, and lay many eggs which develop off the animal in your carpet, sofa or in the pets bed. If the flea breeding is not controlled then the problem will not be controlled. There are many ways of dealing with fleas, some of them are discussed below. A combination approach usually works best.

1.Flea shampoos-flea killers  These only kill the parasites on the body at the time, and do not affect a flea jumping on one hour later, but can be useful for an occasional flea or tick.

2.Topical treatments- flea killers.  Include sprays, dips and spot-ons. Generally better than shampoos as they remain on the skin and kill for a longer time span. We recommend and sell Frontline products as they have good efficiency  and safety and can control fleas for up to two months per application

Program - flea contraceptive. This is a drug which can be given orally to dogs & cats, or by injection to cats. It regulates the breeding of fleas by preventing the baby fleas from developing. It does not kill the fleas on the body or the babies already in the house. It does not stop fleas or ticks being picked up when the dog goes out.

It  is most effective when used with a flea killer.

3.Enviromental Treatments. These include such things as flea bombs and sprays.  They kill fleas and larval stages in  your home, and help prevent population “explosions”

Protect fish & birds from these products. We sell a fogger for this purpose.

Always read labelling carefully - flea killers are poisonous ! Cats are particularly     sensitive, make sure you follow the directions.

FRONTLINE SPRAY.  Wear  gloves when applying.

Weigh dog before use, your pet will need 2-4 sprays per kilogram ( 1-2 sprays per   pound) depending on length and thickness of coat.

2.     Apply  all over body, parting & ruffling coat to get spray down to skin level.

3.     Do not rinse off, allow pet to dry naturally or blow dry.

4.     Product is inflammable, do not smoke !

5.      Repeat treatment  monthly for ticks, and for fleas, every 6-8 weeks.

FOGGER USE. (see can for exact directions)

1   Calculate fogger numbers needed, each can will cover around 300 square feet

2   Move all pets out, cover fish and food.

3   Let off sprays and leave for 2 hours at least.

4   Come back and ventilate home.

All these animial diseases can be cured well in Tai Wai Small Animal Hospital


Tai Wai Small Animal Hospital was set up in the summer of 1997 in Shop B Chik Shun Street by two vets Gail Cochrane and Katriona Bradley (Dr Tiger). They first met while studying veterinary medicine at Glasgow University in 1983, and came to Hong Kong soon after graduation to escape the rains of Scotland.  They worked at RSPCA, Kadoorie Farm and a private clinic in Hong Kong before they decided to set up the clinic.  Boris Chiao was instrumental in the design, building and management of the clinic at the beginning. Gail has never worked as a vet in the clinic, as she is the Veterinary Director of Animals Asia where she has played a very important role in saving the lives of many bears.

Initially there was only one vet and one vet assistant. As the years went by the clinic grew and grew until it was just too small to cope with the numbers of people wanting to bring their pets to the clinic.  We then took over shop C & D and expanded sideways into the beautiful hospital we now have, which opened in 2004. We have now been able to employ more staff to help cope with the demand.  Currently we have 5 full time vets and 15 support staff. The final phase of the redevelopment finished in October 2005 which added a fourth consulting room and a large reception space which is used for retailing specialist behavioural and husbandry items. It is our hope to also use this area in the future for puppy and kitten parties and for training sessions.

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