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犬學堂 狗酒店 行為治療渡假中心 Dog Training Daniel

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過往的一般上門犬隻訓練,是為狗主解決飼養犬隻問題, 而針對一些缺乏社交活動的犬隻,對外界接觸少而產生的問題,往往是一般上門訓練,未能徹底改善的。正因如此,本學堂導師精心設計一系列針對不同問題犬隻的寄養及團體訓練課程,可使犬隻學習社交生活,避免孤僻,灌輸標準正確與狗共處。
園內之訓練場地, 擁有佔地十萬呎戶外草地,環境優美、空氣清新,可令犬隻心情開朗、思緒平伏。特別對 “自閉犬”“惡犬” “攻擊性犬” 的訓練, 特效顯著。

Daniel Dog Training Centre is the most established dog behaviour therapy center in Hong Kong. In order to help concerned dog owners, we provide professional boarding  training , on-site training and dog fostering for educating the right way to the owners  to relate with their pets. All lessons are tailored  by our professional trainers to match every dog`s individual  personality. We will try our best to give to most suitable methods to train  them.
In the past, normal on-site training is for helping owners to solve troubled dogs issues. However, for some other less sociable dogs, they usually having troubled contacting with the outside world.Simple on-site  training  may not be enough  to tackle the situations. Therefore,  our trainers set up different series of dog fostering  training  programs and group lessons in order to let the pets to learn about social lives.
Our enormous lawn which consists  of 100000 ft square provides a calm and comfortable environment for more effective trainings.
Our foster rooms are indoor separated rooms with  70 ft square , consists of 24h air-conditioning and CCTV surveillance which builds comfort and security .

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