The relocation of pets around the world demands details planning and extremely sensitive handling. With over fifteen years experience, Export-A-Pet(EAP) has gained an excellent reputation for providing responsible, efficient and high standard of

professional pet relocation services. We serve private individuals, members of the corporate companies, consulates and world leading relocation companies.

Export-A-Pet is now Hong Kong's leading and most recognized company in pet logistic company. Over the years that it has built a trust bond with agents all over the world. It makes the process of pet relocation to most countries in the world possible and

with less hassle and very reliable.

The company pledged to put animal friends' comfort, safety, health and happiness as its prior concern, whilst also considering value of money.

We only ship animal friends and they are not luggage, we treat them with respect

 America (except Hawaii)
-  Both dog and cats need updated vaccination records, health certificate
- Import permit may be required for other animals
- Some airlines accept pets as excess baggage
- Hard to arrange flight for Summer hottest days and the sub-zero Winter days
- Maximum 1 month to prepare (for dogs and cats)
- Not easy to arrange if more than one connecting flight

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