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SRT 係會透過圖表喺連接高我既情況下找出事情因由,好多時呢一刻遇到既事情都同以往經歷有關,找出相關能量再作出清理便可。
未做過SRT 既會先做一個「全面清理」(full clearing)。

SRT is connecting to our Highself by using pendulum and charts, clearing the energies that saved within our souls and body cells, for those who have never done SRT before, a full clearing is needed.

Full clearing 基本上係將大件既障礙物清除,full clearing 完成後就可以處理你而家呢一刻想處理既問題。
(基本上full clearing 一世人只需做一次,下次再做既時候就可以直接處理想解決既事情)

After a full clearing is done (only once in a life time) we can then focus on the issue that we wanna deal with.

SpR 糾正身體的不平衡並建立更健康的狀態,重點關注精神和身體的調整,以釋放隱藏的壓力和創傷,令到可以在精神上、情感上、身體上保持一致和和諧。並使骨骼、組織、腺體和器官恢復到正確的位置。 它可以釋放前世的身體記憶,包括心靈創傷和體內保存的程式(即影響你的能量)。

SpR corrects imbalances in the body and establishes a healthier state, focusing on mental and physical adjustments to release hidden stress and traumas so that you can be mentally, emotionally, and physically aligned and harmonious. Tissues, glands, and organs return to their correct positions. It releases body cells memories from past lives, including traumas and inner preserved plans (i.e. the energy that affects you).

Sekhem 能量療癒- 宇宙能量,是早期埃及寺廟中傳授的古代療癒系統;能流動全身,減去身體痛楚,顯化願望。
A universe energy - Sekhem is being taught at the agcient Egyptian time as a healing technique which reduces physical pains and manifest wishes.
Access Bars® (是美國 Access Consciousness 的其中一個手療方式) 
輕輕觸碰頭部的 32 個能量點,刺激內在的正向神經反應,幫助減輕壓力及創傷,以電磁波形式釋放負面情緒、限制性思想、觀點及信念等。
Access Bars® (one of the hand therapies from Access Consciousness America) 
Gently touching the 32 energy points on the head to stimulate the inner positive neural response, help reducing stress and traumas, releasing negative thoughts and beliefs.
Any enquiries please WhatsApp me for details. 96197183

**No refunds for all services, Thank you.**

All the healing seesions done at instant as well as souls accepting it instantly, not feeling anything doesn't mean no results, the results could appear days/months/year later.
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