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Free Pricing (自由訂價) ! Excel Reporting and Analysis

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    China Region Export Report Dec-17 Export Business Overview Table 1. Export by Quarter Commentary Box 1. From table 1, Q4 has a higher export size per export which is a good size for minimize export fix cost Table 2. Mode of Transport (YTD) YTD 865 2,806 1,312 3,466 Q4 Quantities (K pcs) Values (KRMB) 59 2. From table 2, 2017 full year is able to keep most export using sea shipment (the chepaest moder of transportation) Avg. value per Qty (RMB / pcs) 1,517 1,235 Sea Truck Export Port Overview (YTD) Table 3a. Top 5 Export District (No. of Export) 18 15 15 4 1. By no. of export, the top 5 export district are over 70% of all export Shanghai Tianjin Qingdao Dalian Nanjing ISC 2. Even though Shanghai & Tianjin have the same no. of export, the export value in for Tianjin are 46% more Table 3b. Top 5 Export District (Export Value) 3. Tianjin is the most important export district for 2017 1,044,588 1,041,064 713,708 390,593 135,746 140,537 Nanjing Shanghai Tianjin Qingdao Dalian Misc Export text
    Mapping Export Data Pivot Table Repo nt 88DB.com  text
    YEAR MONTH HS CODE HS CODE DESCRIPTION QUANTIT-UNIT TOTAL VALU MODE OF TRANSPORT EXPORT DISTRIC DESTINATION COUNTRYQuarter 5 11 3 8 1 72011000 Non-alloy pig iron, by wt ?0 5% of phosphorus in primary forms 72012000 Non-alloy pig iron, by wt >0 5% of phosphorus in primary forms 72021100 Ferro-Mg, containing by weight more than 2% of carbon 72022100 Ferro-silicon, containing by weight more than 55% of silicon 72023000 Ferro-silico-Mg 72028010 Ferro-tungsten 72029210 Ferro-vanadium,containing vanadium by weight?75% 72029912 Magnetic powder,of Nd-Fe-B alloy 210000 KG Kilogram 40000 KG Kilogram 54000 KG Kilogram 20000 KG Kilogram 24000 KG Kilogram 5 8 5 72042900 Waste & scrap, of alloy steel, other than stainless 2044900 Ferrous waste & scrap, iron or steel, nes 72052100 Powders of alloy steel 21000 KG Kilogram 254180 KG Kilogram 22870 KG Kilogram 11 72081000 Flat rlld prod, i/nas, coiled, hr w?600mm, pattens in relief 1 72082500 Flat rld prod, i/nas, coiled, hr.w?600mm, pickled, text
    Table 1 Row Labels r Sum of QUANTITY Sum of TOTAL VALUE 2805815 739688 263247 938058 864822 2805815 3466236 621174 525019 1007767 1312276 3466236 2017 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Grand Total Table 2. Row Labels Air r Count of Quarter Truck Grand Total 59 5 65 Table 3 Row Labels Shanghai Tianjin Qingdao Dalian Nanjing Huangpu Guangzhou Kunming Fuzhou Hohhot Beijing Nanchang Shijiazhuang Gongbei Xian Ningbo Changchun Grand Total T Count of Quarter Sum of TO TAL VALUE 15 15 713708 1044588 135746 390593 140537 291290 34985 20640 2150 2464 256 451994 132555 3000 5880 14310 8154ก み^o.vl 4 4 4 65  text

We are a small, start-up but enthusiastic business analysis team from Hong Kong focusing on data analysis and excel report / dashboard construction.

Our objective

1.) Through analyzing business data, we aim at providing business insights or feedback that support your business decision and planning


2.) We help building easy, understandable, reusable excel report for long-term reporting



1. Data set provided for analysis

Depends on data type and quality,
→ Data massage - data cleaning to make it analyzable
→ Data grouping like mapping and created extra field for calculation

2. Building excel working

Sheets will be created and organized as a easy understandable working for future reuse

3. Provide output / insights (chart or tables) back to you

An analysis / report (depend on data) will be offered.

Insights like commentary box will be provided alongside that can be used as a reference and supporting business decision.


***All data and report will be strictly kept confidential***



We are start-up and experiencing this new kind of business service.

Hence we welcome trial and free & negotiable quotation i.e. clients suggest the price after receiving the output. We are grateful to have this try out.


If you are interested, please Email: [email protected]

Or send Facebook message / inbox us (FB page: Excel Report Building)!

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