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Industrial& product design, prototype production,3d printing,CNC machining,SLA,RP.

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    TYPE FS  Font,Cutlery,Plant,Tableware
    AR PR PE SPEAKER  Product,
    F R SPHOTOTYPE םם םםח  Product,Electronic device,Technology,Electronics,Electronic component

Established in 2003, Front Prototype Co., Ltd was a professional manufacturer specialized in prototypes and industrial models. Focusing on products early design and repeated examination of the drawings, we have most advanced prototype process and laser rapid prototype equipment, vacuum pouring system facility and a highly skilled team. Located in Longhua town, Shenzhen, we are right next to Hong Kong, with great convenient transportation access. 

We manufacture prototype parts and models which include: 
1. Concept models: ideal for helping customers or students or designers visualize your design
2. Presentation prototypes: to support your marketing or exhibition show events
3. Functional prototypes: to test strength, rigidity and other properties
4. Pre-production prototypes: to help you assess manufacturing feasibility
5. Painting and finishing: we have a highly skilled team of painting and hand finishing. 

Our advantages: 
over 10years experience in prototyping
cost effective
Strict quality Control System
Short lead time

Business field: 
External prototypes, accurate prototypes, and functional prototypes

ABS, PC, POM, PA, PP, PMMA, aluminum alloy, iron, and stainless steel

Polishing, sand blasting, spray painting, silk-screening, pad screening, wire drawing and electroplating

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world. 

Product range
Product external design, product construction design, reverse engineering design, FREEFORM external design. We can also offer opening mold 3D drawing.
Home appliances: Such as TV, frige, air condition, dust catcher, juicer, coffee machine, hairdryer, toaster, drinking fountain, electric fan.
Digital products: Such as radio cassette, DVD, MP4, repeater, car audio.
Company products: Such as phone, cordless phone, video phone, cellphone, walkie talkie, fax machine, copy machine, instrument.
IT machine: Such as computer display, laptop, PDA, video camera, scanner, printer, mouse, keyboard.
Medical products: defibrillator, foot massager.
Traffic tools products: Such as motorcycle, scooter, auto parts.
All kinds of toys and simulated products: like simulated car and statue.
Small Batch Production


Hand molding method or Handsample method of analysis

SLA Laser Rapid Prototyping: accuracy, speed, material close to the ABS, suitable for processing high precision parts

small, complex parts;
SLS laser rapid prototyping: high precision, fast, inexpensive materials such as ABS, nylon;

CNC rapid prototyping: the strength and patience is very good, and inexpensive materials, processed materials ABS,

PMMA, PP, PC material, copper, aluminum and other.Vacuum Hand: material ABS, product strength, patience, suitable as customer requirements to do a few sets or dozens of sets of products, otherwise make the cost more expensive, is suitable to use this method, greatly reducing the cost ;Rapid prototyping sculpture: molding of high precision, free from material and shape constraints, can handle theprocessing shortcomings of the general machinery tool, the smallest tool up to 0.3 mm in diameter, the range ofapplications: copper electrode, jewelry patterns, electroforming model, building models, signs and so on;Method is simple and traditional hand palm: drawn widely and economic advantages, but the production a little longer,and less efficient.

Handsample process

The content of the contract to determine the painting, plating, wire treatment → → to accept customer engineeringdrawings or renderings → → 3D modeling and analysis of components → converted into the corresponding processingprogram rapid prototyping or repair CNC machining → ​​→ of → parts detection test assembly manual India →proofreading test → assembly palm → customer-proven → packaging texture change service delivery → color →product improvement, remodeling design services

Add:Rm 419-420,E-C Center, NO.2, Lianwei Street, Dalang South Rd, Longhua District,Shenzhen
Email:[email protected]

Contact: Mr.Ho (Business Manager)何先生 
whatsAPP:+86 13670088274 

TYPE FS,Font,Cutlery,Tableware,Plant,SPEAKER PROS PE,Product,Product,Electronic device,Technology,Electronics,GadgetTechnology,Audio equipment,Electronic device,Computer speaker

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