Continental Jewellery IMfgl Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Holdings Limited, was established by Dr. Charles Chan, BBS, JP (Group Chairman) in 1975. The company mainly engages in design, product development, manufacture and marketing of fine jewellery primarily for export and is regarded as one of the leaders in fine jewellery manufacturing.

Branding & Licensing
Diamond Trading & Cutting


Based in Hong Kong, the principal activities of the company and its subsidiaries include designing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of fine jewellery, cutting, polishing and trading of diamonds. Also, the Group maintains an extensive portfolio in retail business, branding & licensing business, property investment and other industries.

Continental Holdings Limited has production plants in Hong Kong and China. The Group has full capabilities in jewellery design, direct stone sourcing, stone cutting and polishing, lapidary, alloying and gold refining. It also has fully-integrated diamond cutting and polishing facilities in China.

In 1988, Continental Holdings Limited was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange .

Dr. Charles Chan contributes and excels in the jewellery industry for over four decades. He is the first person in Hong Kong to introduce the concept of mass production through "assembly line" and "wax method" techniques into jewellery manufacturing. With half of century of endless effort, Dr. Charles Chan has gained high respect and recognition in the industry. In 2008. he was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star (B.B.S.) by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

Continental Holdings Limited is an investment holding company publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1988.

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