KIMLAI Fine Jeweller

KIMLAI Fine Jeweller was founded in 2008 by Kim Lai, a London trained veteran in the jewellery business with over 10 years experience in regional and international jewellery companies.

KIMLAI specializes in modern contemporary fine jewellery in a strong design language that is simple, elegant with sophisticated and detailed refinement.
KIMLAI looks for a fresh approach in design and uses innovative techniques and crafting processes, both rediscovered ancient or new.
The original pieces are all traditionally handcrafted in small series with great attention to detail and quality, lending the pieces a unique elegance. The designs are made for all moments and occasions, fashionable and with an understated sense of luxury that evokes emotion.

We craft our fine jewellery with gold and silver using a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones. Our customer is a woman with presence and understanding of fashion who appreciates jewellery that is thoroughly modern, unique and exclusive.

We sell our jewellery through our shop in Central Hong Kong, where we display all our ranges. Permanent collections are shown on this website with designs that constantly evolve. Seasonal designs are on offer in our shop.

A few times a year KIMLAI will showcase a small series of selected designs by prestigious fellow jewellers, local or international as well as promising newcomers. These pieces are featured in a small showcase enhancing the main ranges designed by Kim Lai. Please visit our News section on this website for updates.

G/F 49-51 Gough Street  Noho Central  Hong Kong
Tel  852-2545 6388  
 Fax 852-2536 4038

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