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最便宜3D圖(全城最平!!) 制作3D電腦模擬圖及效果圖, AutoCad平面圖

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2017-03-02 刊登者: thaihome3d

制作電腦 3D 模擬圖/效果圖 (jpg 檔交圖,不包印及原檔) 
一次性不包改住宅(室內) $600/張, 辦公室及商舖、小型食肆 $1200/張, 大型餐廳 $2000/張
歐式設計, 商鋪視點過大,增加畫圖時間、過於複雜程度 本人可拒接 order。
改圖每次加 $80 只改色, 
大改一律收到$250 每次計, 即改款包改色 / 改擺位一件當作大改計。
請下單前確定出圖內容, 恕不接納任何辯駁及避免爭論。
制作 Autocad 圖 (pdf 交收,不包印及原檔, 原檔另議)
平面圖 $0.5/每平方呎

1)cad 圖加急件每張另加$100
2)3D 圖加急件每張另加$200
3)以上 3D 模擬圖/效果圖繪圖均為室內範圍, 室外另議, 不繪畫花園型設計。
4)送圖時間 3 天至 5 天視乎落單大小與數量, 會以電子郵件傳送給客人 [請務必填寫一個至兩個收件電郵]。
5)落單請到收費平台先付款作訂購與記錄, 然後郵件傳送需繪畫之內容到 [email protected], 然後等待與閣下 聯絡, 最後出圖制作及交件到閣下提供之電郵。
只接受公司客戶, 以保障同行之權益, 恕不接受街客。
7)街客價格為正價收取, 可供包設計繪圖於貴單位施工師傅, 如欲詳情請先向本人聯絡。 
太空 3D 制作室
​聯絡 [email protected]   |  付款請前往 PayPal.Me/Thaihome3d



Production of 3D renderings ( JPG file only. Printing and original file are not included.)
Interior of Residential $ 600 per sheet.
Office, Commercial, Restaurants below 500 square feet $1200 per sheet. Commerical of retail, Restaurant over 501 square feet $2000 per sheet.
European design, file is too large in order to increase the drawing time due to too complicated, Job may be declined.
Charge of revise $ 80 each time, you can change any colour of funitures / wall painting. If you want to revise or amend one or any shape of funiture, and or change the location /position of furniture, space planning again and change the floorplan. We will charge you the additional cost $250. 
Please make sure that the contents of the drawing are confirmed before purchase your order, and do not accept any arguments or excuse.
Production of Autocad  (PDF file will be provided. Printing and original file are not included.)
Floor Plan $ 0.5 / sq ft 
Any revise and amendment - NOT INCLUDED.
Charge $200 of any revise and amendment per sheet.

Promotion Period Notes and Additional cost:

1) 1-day Fast cad  charge $ 100 per sheet.
2) Fast-3D renderings charge $ 200 per sheet.
3) All above 3D renderings are indoor and interior. Ask for outdoor drawings. And the price is not including to render landscape and or garden design.
4) Delivery time is 2 days to 4 days depending on the drawing size and quantity of the order, it will be sent to yours by e-mail [Please be sure to fill in one or two emails].
5) Please go to the payment platform and prepay, and then send your drafts and the contents you want to draw to [email protected], and then wait for my call. Waiting for the production drawings and check the email finally.
6) The above prices are
ONLY accept a corporate company or group customers due to protection the interests of peers in this industry.
7) Client without designer help for interior design,.For more information, please contact me. 
太空 3D 制作室 Thaihome3d freelance
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聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性