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MENCE Beauty

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MENCE was founded by Mence's mother in 1980. With emerging fitness business and men's increasing awareness towards skincare and body toning. MENCE indentified a niche market that could provide enormous potential for development. Under the administration of the company director. Mence Tsoi, MENCE has now become the authoritative figure pioneering in the men's skincare and body toning industry. Today, MENCE is well-positioned to capitaliza on the burgeoning market foe men's toning services featuring its men's outlets at five locations that serve over the 10,000 clients

MENCE offers the safest advanced technology to remove eye bags, double chin and oversized waistline, its world's leading technique for trimming leads to am effective elimination of body fat, toxic substances and retained water; toning helps increase muscle density and firm up muscles to avoid fat getting back while tightening helps in building six packs. Besides, MENCE also offer facials treatments which assist in skin rejvenation.

MENCE is the first body toning and skincare centre for men globally certified with ISO 9001-2000. In 2004, MENCE was selected as one of the 100 Most Valuable Company in Hong Kong and in 2005, MENCE has successfully secured the unique technology, Novel Weight Loss System, with a patent (application no. 05101637.2) MENCE strives to continually provide the best service and outstanding techniques to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. MENCE's clientele comprises different social spectra even doctors, lawyers and professors. With specialized techniques and excellent services, MENCE is dedicated to safe and healthy weight management, and has seen its distinct reputation soaring in recent years. In the summer of 2005, Television Broadcast Limited(TVB) has invited MENCE to sponsor body slimming and toning for the contestants of its Mr Hong Kong Contest. Recently, MENCE is selected as one of the 50 most outstanding enterprises, 2005 by HK Business, and as high quality brand by Next Magazine.

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