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Sow a thought and you reap an act; sow an act and you reap a habit;
sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny’

By Charles Reade, an eighteen century English novelist


Your thoughts determine your actions, influence your behavior, and lead you to your destiny. Brotherhood, Passion to Excel, and Diligence, the core values of Queen’s College, are most significant in the development of your thoughts. Brotherhood is reflected in your personal attitudes, showing concern for your schoolmates, offering your help and service, working collaboratively towards common goals, and sacrificing your self-interest for the greater good.

The school motto, ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’, means ‘Diligence Conquers All Things.’ Complacency is the enemy of Diligence and undermines the Passion to Excel. Always expand your horizons, work creatively, and strive for excellence. In school, your excellence may be reflected in your academic achievements; in the future, it will be reflected in your achievements in society, which, whether in terms of fame or wealth, must always be positive.

Integrity and Responsibility are the vital ingredients of the Passion to Excel. The word ‘integrity’ comes from the same Latin root as integer, bearing the sense of wholeness; a person of integrity, like a whole number, is a whole person who we feel we can trust to do right, to play by the rules, and to keep commitments. It is the right virtue that contributes to good character. If you know what is right or wrong, you must do the right thing, so that you can be trusted to do right.

In society, you must observe the laws. You can fulfill your responsibilities at home, in school and in the society, by performing your duties, keeping your promises, and honoring your commitments. When demonstrating social responsibility, you have to respect others’ rights, preserve the environment, and most importantly, direct your talents and abilities toward service to others. Integrity and Responsibility will guide you to do what is right, to play by the rules, to honor commitments, and to serve others.

Always keep the three pillars of the school value system, Brotherhood, Diligence, and Passion to Excel, foremost in your mind, and conduct yourself with Integrity and Responsibility. A sense of these values should always be reflected in your personal attitudes, responsible actions, and personal relationships with students, parents, and the larger community.