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音樂室, 視藝室, 多媒體語言室, 圖書館, 電腦室, 室外運動場

CCC Heep Woh College is a school seeking excellence. It is a family rich in tradition as the origin can be traced back to 1911 when Mrs. Bigelow set up Heep Woh Kindergarten in Guangzhou.
  We try our best to provide a stimulating environment for students, teachers, parents and alumni to grow, to learn and to create in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We prepare our students for lifelong learning as well as equipping them for their working life.
  With the guidance of the Board of Directors, the Church of Christ in China, the Hong Kong Council, the college is monitored and operated under School Management Committee: the School Administrative Committee, the Academic Affairs Committee, the IT Committee, the General Administrative Committee, the Life Education Committee and the Religious Education Committee.
  We provide assemblies, Christian Fellowship and Religious Studies for students to search for the meaning of existence and for the Creator.
  Information Technology (IT) in education has been the main project of the College in recent years. Teachers use IT to interact with students in teaching and learning.

  To further reward and facilitate students’ learning, we offer scholarships to students who excel in academic studies, services, extra-curricular activities and sports.
  To enhance creativity, our students are encouraged to participate actively in extra-curricular activities to develop their potential as well as interpersonal skills. To name just a few, our students are given ample opportunities to participate in sport, music, art and drama.

  We are in the process of improving our College, not just in physical terms, but also in terms of curriculum and attitude in order to better serve our students. In achieving these, we are grateful to be able to enlist the support and assistance of our parents, alumni, and our extended Heep Woh community.

  We hope that students’ experiences in our college will be the most precious and an irreplaceable part of their lives.