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The real production

The Real Wedding production prides our self in designing individual wedding themes with special attention to detail. Be your style traditional or contemporary; let us assist you in designing an elegant theme that will leave lasting impressions.

Whether you dream of a traditional white fairytale wedding to a unique colorful extravaganza. the team at The Real will work together with you to create a look for your event that will be remembered forever. Themed corporate events and Wedding themes are our specialty.

We provide many different set up and styles which you can view.
We have expertise in difficult kind of production such as commercial
products advertising, wedding decoration, and branding promotion.
Our teams of designer are the expert in corporate events, fashion show,
props for concert and MTV setting. So we can devote to providing you with
the best products and services to suit

your style and budget.
We have an experience to set a new wedding trend's today. We have
experience in floral arrangement and a unique flair for function design, our
dedicated and friendly staff will bring your special occasion to life,
transforming your wedding into the celebration of your dreams.

We have built a business that assists couples with a large range of services
for their special day. The aim is to use all our talent and expertise to make
this the best day of your life, transform your wedding into the world of your

We can help with:
- Gobo Lighting
- Floral arrangement
- Music
- Event Management
- Visual & Audio
- Professional MC services
- Photographer
- Event Decor and Lighting
- Wedding planner
- Table & Veune Decorations
- Bouquet & Corsage
- Theme and backdrop design

Store Locations:
5 Floor Austin Commercial Centre 4-4A Austin Avenue TST

Tel:2369 0898


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