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Wedding Day Service

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McQueen Wedding

Turning dreams into reality

    When you’re planning to get married, you dream of the perfect day. But with the stresses of daily life, small details can often be forgotten, perhaps until the last moment. So our mission is to take care of all your needs on your very special day.

Our Services

We can help make your wedding perfect in two ways…

Wedding planning service

After reviewing your needs and your budget, we will provide you with a comparative shopping checklist covering the services you will need and brochures and price lists from appropriate suppliers. Together we then explore different options within your budget that will meet your wedding vision. This forward planning and short-list of high quality vendors will save you time and money.

After we have analyzed your needs, we will schedule appointments between you and the vendors to discuss the details of your wedding.

Then we will oversee the day itself, making sure that everything runs smoothly and to plan.
Wedding Day Service

For couples who prefer to arrange the majority of their wedding day themselves, we can provide a complete behind-the-scenes service supervising everything on the day itself so that all arrangements run smoothly.
Professional MC Services

If you need MC service during your big day, we are here to serve.

    The truth is that a wedding is a couple’s most precious day, and at McQueen Wedding we believe that this once in a lifetime experience ought to be made extra special by turning your dreams into reality, creating the most precious memory you will ever have. Your needs and concerns are central to us; we create your day with a personal touch to make your wedding unique and utterly memorable. We are here to ensure perfection every step of the way. McQueen Wedding handles everything – we arrange formal rehearsals of the actual wedding function and help you choose the most suitable dresses (and suits for the groom and his assistants!), invitation design, photographer, venue, caterer, flower artist, transport and hairdresser, saving you time, unnecessary costs and unhealthy stress. We are here to take care of every aspect of your wedding so that you and your family can completely relax and enjoy a worry-free day.

    McQueen Wedding is created to solve your wedding concerns by structuriong formal rehearsals of the actual wedding function to choosing the most suitable service providers/vendors, saving you time, expensive costs and unnecessary stress. We are here to take care of all aspects of the wedding so that you and your family can fully relax and enjoy the day without any worries.

Contact Person: Jerry Lau
Tel: +852 9195 2527
Web: http://mcqueen-wedding.com/

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