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我是澳洲政府授权的婚礼证婚人MarriageCelebrant及太平绅士, 负责主持婚礼仪式, 办理结婚登记,签发结婚证书.


1.        婚礼当场签发结婚证书
2.        新郎和新娘任意选择婚礼地点和时间(周一至周日)
3.        提供婚礼场地
4.        婚礼场地进行装饰
5.        提供新娘的手捧花
6.        提供新娘的花抛球
7.        提供新娘的水晶项链
8.        提供新娘的水晶耳环
9.        婚礼仪式播放背景音乐,例如: 婚礼进行曲, Can you feel the love tonight, My heart will go on, My perfect moment, I swear, etc.
10.        婚礼前进行彩排
11.        签署 "预约结婚通知书"
12.        根据法律要求,申请在一个月零一天的预约期内提前结婚
13.        办理一切婚姻登记的法律手续和文件
14.        主持整场婚礼
15.        准备结婚誓言和婚礼仪式词
16.        提供移民局所需的办理海外学生的结婚事宜
17.        为海外人士赴澳结婚提供必要的证明文书

Lyrics Wedding Pty Ltd
证婚人:Lily Li
头衔:澳洲政府授权证婚人, 澳洲政府太平绅士,资深移民顾问,澳洲三级翻译,中国专业八级翻译,悉尼大学经济学会计硕士
手 機:0433083428
联 系方式: [email protected]
网 址: http://sky2007sunny.wordpress.com
所 在地:悉尼
国 家:澳洲

Chinese/English Marriage Celebrant [囍]

Authorized Marriage Celebrant, Justice of the Peace, NAATI Chinese/English Translator, Master of Comm (Uni of Sydney)

I am an Authorized Civil Marriage Celebrant and can solemnize your Marriage according to the Marriage ACT in Australia. I became an Australian citizen and was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 2007.

I can conduct ceremonies in the following languages: English and Chinese, covering all areas in Sydney and all Australia states.

Since being appointed a Civil Marriage Celebrant, I have performed many beautiful and exciting marriages. This is my desire, to create WONDERFUL and MEMORABLE wedding ceremony for Bride and Bridegroom.

Benefits to couples opting for me as a Civil Marriage Celebrant are several. Most notably, freedom of choice and style:
•        Solemnize the ceremony in both English and Chinese;
•        For Fiancé/Spouse Visa & immigration, complete the legal marriage intention letter and other documents according to Overseas/Australian embassy’s requests;
•        Issue the Marriage Certificate at the Wedding Ceremony
•        Marriage ceremony can be held anywhere – a garden, park, beach, hotel, function centre, restaurant, the couple's home, etc.;
•        Perfect wedding arrangement on your demand

Feel free to contact: Civil Marriage Celebrant – LILY LI | Phone: 0433083428 | Email: [[email protected]][email protected][/email] 

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