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尖沙咀700月租化妝枱化妝位時租60一小時 700/mth 60/hr Freelance Makeup Artist Makeup Workshop For Rent

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化妝枱時租60蚊一小時, 最少三小時起, 700月租化妝枱 歡迎包場,練妝,教學, set頭,任君選擇

Freelance Makeup Artist 化妝師創業尖沙咀700, 800, 1000月租化妝枱









每張枱設有黄光和白光燈胆,光線充足,鏡所照出影像柔和, 讓客人試妝成功率高, 並設有高櫈方便化妝師練妝化妝和加設一張輔助櫈方便化妝師set, 我們枱與枱之間設有一個櫃從而令每張枱都有充足空間沒有擠迫感下進行化妝。更有機會接JOB.


這兒必然是化妝師練妝,創業首選,Freelance,初學練習 化妝師一個成長的一個好平台。


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Only $700/monthly in TST or hourly rentaly only $60 per hour min 3 hours to rent our Makeup artist table, makeup space, makeup desk 

Hourly makeup artist table, makeup space, makeup desk for rent is only 60 per hour minimum 3 hours

Welcome to book our whole workshop for teaching makeup class, pracitising makeup skill or for hair setting.

If you are looking for a place, a makeup space, a makeup table, a makeup desk or a makeup room to rent, being a freelance makeup artist, be your own boss? Here is a chance for you to startup your own business with a minimal cost. Spend only 700up monthly to use our makeup table , makeup space. Rental is all inclusive of the electricity, management fee and air con fee, wifi

We provide evening gowns, wedding gowns, Chinese wedding costume, head decoration flowers, flowers bouquet and background paper with different colors. 

All tables come with built in yellow and white light bulbs which can make the light more gentle. We also provide high and low chairs. High chairs is good for makeup artist to do the makeup. Low chair is good for setting hair.

 We also provide hourly makeup artist space, makeup artist table rental. 60 dollars per hour, minimum 3 hours.

We also provide private storage drawers and cabinets to ease the burden of carrying  all the tools everytime to and fro the workshop.

 Workshop is  simple and modern decorated which make you and your client feel comfortable. 

 Location is in Tsimshatsui convenient location near to the mtr and the West Railway station.  61585781 

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