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The Hong Kong Club Building 香港會所大廈 | Serviced Offices 服務式辦公室

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The Hong Kong Club Building is situation in the heart of Central, a major financial and commerce area. As a previously famous members-only club, this iconic building is a historic symbol of the rich British colonial past. After a stunning re-design by Harry Siedler, the building boasts spectacular city and harbour views. It is also one of HK’s most exclusive clubs for the most influential people in the city such as personalities, government officials and major trading firms.

Located in the heart of the business, financial and dynamic commercial centre of Hong Kong Central. Offering close proximity to boutiques, restaurants, hotels, fitness facilities and the MTR Central station, the building is also close to Admiralty and the Statue Square with long historical background. It takes only 5 minutes walk to the Hong Kong Airport Express Station with a covered walkway linked to subways and other major buildings.

香港會所大樓位於中環的心臟中心地帶,是一個主要的金融和商業區。 作為昔日的著名會員俱樂部,這座標誌性建築是英國殖民地時代的歷史象徵。 經過澳洲建築師亨利·施得拿的重新設計和精心打造,該建築擁有壯觀的城市和海港景色。 它也是為香港最具影響力的人,如專業人士,政府官員和主要貿易公司而設的私人會所之一。


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