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景觀開揚, 高層, 市場罕有, 康麗花園租盤, 2房

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高層, 景觀開揚, 附雅致裝修, 間隔實用, 望清蔥翠綠開揚遠河景, 無遮無擋, 光猛涼爽。單位間隔四正, 兩房一廳, 兩間房均可放雙人床及衣櫃。另外,交通超級方便,步行約3分鍾即到 V City及屯門西鐵總站(約35分鐘車程直達尖沙咀), 步行2分鐘至輕鐵站,另徒步約5分鍾即到屯門市廣場; 樓下更有多條巴士及通宵小巴線直達港九新界, 另有巴士專線約15分鍾即到深圳灣; 附近除電影院售票處外, 還有通宵營業的麥當勞快餐店、肯德基快餐店、海皇粥店、德興美食坊、日本城、茶餐廳、診所、759阿信屋及惠康超級市場等。

屋苑可養寵物, 設有泳池及平台花園, 並附有24小時完善保安管理及電梯。另屋苑已翻新,外型及設備新淨。

High-rise floor, open-air landscape, elegant decoration, practical interval, with sufficient sunlight, clear green and open river view, no cover. The unit has two rooms and one room, both rooms can put a double bed and wardrobe. In addition, the traffic is super convenient. It takes about 3 minutes walk to V City and Tuen Mun West Rail Station (about 35 minutes drive to Tsim Sha Tsui), 2 minutes walk to the LRT station, and another 5 minutes walk to Tuen Mun Town Plaza; downstairs There are also many bus and overnight bus lines that reach Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories. There is also a bus line that takes about 15 minutes to reach Shenzhen Bay. You could also find McDonalds fast food, which is open 24 hours, and also including KFC Fast Food Restaurant, Hoi Hung Porridge Shop, Dexing Food Court, Japan City, Tea Restaurant, Clinic, 759 Ashinya and Wellcome Super Market, etc.

The estate can keep pets. It has a swimming pool and a terraced garden. It also comes with 24-hour perfect security management and an elevator. The building has been refurbished with a new look and equipment.


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