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位於尖沙咀主要街道金馬倫道,附近雲集優質商鋪及著名食肆,人流旺盛。鄰近The ONE 、美麗華、iSQUARE等大型商場,購物方便,交通便利,配套齊全。

City Loft located at Cameron Road, one of the main streets in Tsim Sha Tsui. The road is busy, where neighborhoods are various shops and famous restaurants. It is next to well-known shopping malls like The ONE 、Mira Mall、iSQUARE, which is a very convenience place for shopping with complete transportation.

特大實用空間 Large practical space

  • 位於金鑾大廈四樓,擁有開揚景觀,每層約1,600平方呎
  • 一層五個單位,每個單位由150至400平方呎不等
  • Located at 4th of Majestic House, each floor has about 1,600 square feet with opened view
  • Five units in each floor, each unit ranging from 150 – 400 quare feet

精品住宅 Deal living

  • 全層五個單位,分別為獨立房間及精緻套房
  • 全新歐陸式裝潢,適合專業人仕居住
  • 每個單位均有獨立浴室設備、家具、保險箱及電器,如電視,雪櫃及分體冷氣系統
  • 酒店式門鎖設計,走廊裝有閉路電視,一流保安系統保障住客安全
  • 5 units in each floor, separate apartments and fine suites
  • Completely new

位置 Location

  • 擁有完善交通網絡,鄰近地鐵及巴士站
  • 離尖沙咀地鐵站(B出口) 僅2至3分鐘步程
  • 附近商鋪、食肆、找換店及藥房林立
  • Great transportation network, nearby MTR station and bus stops
  • 2-3 minute walk from Tsim Sha Tsui MRT station (exit B)
  • Plenty of shops, restaurants, exchanging shops and pharmacies available in close proximity
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