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Gold Mining land in Indonesia for Cooperation

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We are a business entity called cooperative utilization of community forests, we were given permission by the local government for mining Cianjur

(number :: 503/tmb.1596/DPSDA.P/08/01/09) over an area of ??222.5 hectares Our wholly-owned land area is 450 hectares

contained in our land is pretty much gold and other minerals such as silver, bauxite, and a few more all of which can be asked directly to the owner.

gold exploration we've done so far is only done manually, so that we are looking for:

1.investor can explore with modern machines and the result divided by mutual agreement 
2. Sale license for 222.5 acres of land for $ 45 million (but must be approved by the Regents in advance and if it's permitted) 
3. Sale throughout the 450 acres of land for $ 65 million

how do you interested with this business? 
if you are interested you can contact Mr. Anton 62821-234-345-11 

I am a marketing cooperative utilization of forest people, it seems to me if you are interested you need to survey these locations so that you can consider the next step.

if you have decided to come to this location

 need to carefully read this description please!

This location is located in the golden land "cianjur" a district in West Java province. To reach this place you will fly to Indonesia and will land at Soekarno Hatta Airport. I'll pick you up at the airport by a car and take you to the "Cipanas" to stay for 1 night in our rented villa will entertain you with traditional food we eat or adapted to existing, cipanas trip from the airport to take 2-3 hours. The next day I will take you to cianjur with a long way to achieving 7-8 hours. You need to stay one night at the site again to end the trip. the next day I will take you to the airport Soekarno Hatta. That estimate is what you will live.

As you know that this briefing raises the cost, then I burdening you with the cost of $ 900 per person for 2 nights lodging and 3 day trips by car

Our great pride when we can help you on the way as it means I am trusted by you and I will not go to waste the trust you give

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