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cozy event space

Sheung Wan, E168
會議室, 懂多國(種)語言的員工, 接待服務, 秘書服務, 速遞/郵寄服務, 設有影印機 /傳真機, 個人化電話接聽服務, 虛擬辦公室, 其他, 上網服務, 商務休息室, 茶水間, 餐飲服務, 會議設施

Cozy Event Space's main event area may be freely configured to meet the specific needs of your event, including placement of the furniture and position of the projection screen. Welcome up to 45 guests in a seminar setting.

As Cozy Event Space is the only tenant on the 10/F of the building, enjoy maximum privacy as the exclusive user of the entire space, including our reception area, foyer and pantry. Make a positive impression for your guests.

Cozy Event Space also provides a range of equipment and facilities commonly required by clients, including projector and screen, loudspeaker with wireless handheld microphones, flipcharts and whiteboard, and complimentary coffee and tea. Cozy provides support services for events such as support staff, catering management, venue setup and decoration, etc. (extra fees may apply).

Cozy Event Space is located at E168, a brand new premium office building in Sheung Wan, at the fringe of the greater CBD. The venue enjoys plenty of sunlight and an open view of the surroundings. The location is 5 minutes walk from Sheung Wan MTR station, and well served by buses or trams and nearby carparks.

Information adopted from website:https://werkspace.com.hk/cozy/index.html


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