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We're formed to conduct property development business

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Tak Sing Alliance Group was founded by Mr. Ma Kai Cheung who started a jeans manufacturing business under the name of "Tak Sing Garment Factory" in Hong Kong in 1967. As a result of rapid business expansion, Tak Sing Alliance Limited was incorporated in 1973 to further develop its garment manufacturing and trading business for Hong Kong and overseas markets.

After many years of successful growth, the group's business expanded into property and restaurants. Its holdings company "Tak Sing Alliance Holdings Limited" was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1991, which marked a new era of business development of Tak Sing Alliance Group.

As one of the biggest leisure wear company, mainly jeans, in Hong Kong, the Group has established worldwide operations and manufacturing plants in China, South Africa and Guatemala as well as distribution network in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan. The Group's production network has a capacity of 1 million pieces per month. With an efficient order and production handling system, we can deliver within 25 days from confirmed orders.


The investment in Carrianna Chiu Chow Restaurant in 1986 marked the diversification into the food and catering business. Since its inception in the early 1980's, Carrianna Chiu Chow Restaurant has enjoyed widespread popularity. Carrianna restaurants were opened in Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada and many major cities in China. "Carrianna" is also a famous food brand in Mainland China and Hong Kong especially mooncake and Hong Kong Style Cake Shop.

In 1990, Carrianna Holdings Limited was formed to conduct property development business in Mainland China. The first property development project is the construction of a prestigious residential and commercial complex, the "Carrianna Friendship Square", which was completed in 1997 and has since then become a landmark in the heart of Shenzhen City.

"Imperial Palace" is another leading residential and commercial property in Shenzhen, which was completed in 2001 and is well received by Shenzhen high income individuals for its modern interior design and comprehensive club-house facilities.
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