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Property Agency - Ideally placed to help you in the search for your dream home

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Anytime. Anywhere

Fresh, dynamic and experienced, Easy Home is a world-class property agency committed to providing its clients w ith the highest professional standard of service. We specialize in both furnished and unfurnished luxury apartment leasing on Hong Kong Island and have comprehensive local knowledge of the property market in Hong Kong.

Easy Home prides itself on its client-driven attitude towards home searching and its bilingual staff pledge to offer a customized, quality service tailored to your needs. Whether your relocation is from overseas or within Hong Kong, whether you are looking to lease a luxury residential apartment or a serviced apartment, we have up to date information on market availability and ensure we find your ideal home.

Easy Home is unique. We differ from other real estate agents in Hong Kong in that we focus exclusively on luxury apartment leasing and have concentrated on establishing outstanding relationships with landlords and property developers, both local and overseas.

Together with our sister companies, Smart Living and Easy Living, we provide a complete range of property services, including home search, leasing with or without furniture packages, investment, project planning, development and management, tenancy, building and facilities management, legal advice, lease negotiations, a complete suite of concierge services, interior design and more. This unique range of services on offer effectively makes us a one-stop service provider for all your property needs.

More importantly however, you make us unique. Our clients are our number one priority and we will work in partnership with you to ensure that your relocation is as prompt, convenient and cost effective as possible.

If you are looking for a truly professional property agency, then look no further. Easy Home will support you throughout every step of your relocation. Simply give us a call to start the search for your ideal home

Our Services : A Summary of our Total Home Solutions
Luxury Rental not only assures top-notch property services, but takes care of all your needs with our total home solutions. With an extensive range of high-quality services, we cater to your every convenience. Ensure your relocation is seamless and enjoy a 6-star living experience, with the ability to create your own time, space and lifestyle with Luxury Rental.

Property Agency
 Ideally placed to help you in the search for your dream home.

Serviced Apartments
 Locating a home environment in a hotel atmosphere, with the location and facilities you require.

Smart Living Services
 Home Furnishing, Home Improvement & Handyman Services to help you settle in right away, as well as Technical Concierge Services.

Concierge Services
 Increase your leisure time and make your life luxurious with Housekeeping and Lifestyle Services catering to your every convenience.
Orientation Services
 Familiarize yourself with HK and negotiate the technical aspects of your move, from school searches to ID card applications and more.

Moving In / Out Services
 An integrated solution with the Moving Process, Setting Up Your Home, Home Furnishing, Improvement & Handyman Services, and Orientation Services.

Easy Home Ltd.
Unit 11B, 11/F, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2877 8771
Fax: (852) 2868 6968
Email : [email protected]
Contact Persons : Susan Chau / Wilson Chong
Mobile: (852) 9689 0339 / (852) 9332 1932



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