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Magical Science 科學主題生日會 Science Themed Birthday Dream Party

更新於: 2023-04-17 115 刊登者: magicalscience2000

Magical Science 專為小朋友舉行科學主題的生日會, 我們團隊6年經驗, 舉行超過50場科學派對, 為小朋友慶祝生日以外, 加入教育科學元素,帶給小朋友一個非一般的科學主題的生日派對體驗. 小朋友可以進入乾冰的夢幻世界, 製造小火山,體驗火山爆發的滋味, 又或者學做鬼口水. 刺激又好玩同時又可以發揮他們的小創意, 帶給小朋友和大朋友們一個難忘的生日會,歡迎 whatsapp 6674 2619 查詢派對詳情和預約派對 !!詳情可瀏覽我哋 FB Page https://www.facebook.com/MagicalScienceHK 

Magical Science specializes in science themed party .We have more than 6 years experience and  hosted more than 70 exciting parties for children and many other kids events. we aim to incorporate fun science activities or experiments into your little ones parties so that it will be become memorable and educational

We have many different themes for example children can enter the misty and mysterious world with our Dry ice theme. Feeling adventurous, they can learn about the structure of volcano and simulate the eruption on their own. For older and more intellectual children, they can even try their hands at creating their gooey slimy. We also have lots of out of this world magical science demos to keep your little ones mesmerized. if you want your children to have a phenomenal science birthday party , book a party with us today and our science expert teams will be here to entertain your precious little ones. whatsapp Free Icon | Whatsapp us on 6674 2619 , visit us on our FB page  https://www.facebook.com/MagicalScienceHK 








  • 製造小火山和體驗火山爆發
  • 乾冰生日派對
  • 科學DIY (鬼口水,酸鹼顏色變,等等...)
  • 水火箭( 只適用於私人和足夠的空間)
  • 其他特定主題

Science party theme

  • Making volcano and Eruption simulation
  • Dry ice party 
  • DIY Science ( Slime making, magical diver, acid and base exploration)
  • Water rocket
  • other themes ( feel free to make enquiries )