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Party Room - 1800呎,包場party,聚會,拍攝場地,私人派對,租場,workshop,工作坊,好去處,派對 #Party,party place,生日party,派對,場地,生日會

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Welcome to Party Room!

鄰近觀塘地鐵站, 環境舒適

- 1,800平方呎 (最多可容納 80人)

- 場地設備:投影機、電視、音響設備、karaoke、board game、電子遊戲、開放式廚房、桌椅供應
- 一站式派對服務:到會、佈置、攝影、娛樂表演 (魔術師、小丑、party lady、Liveband、司儀等)、Face Painting、回禮禮物、彈床玩具、氣球、Candy Bar、手工藝、攤位遊戲、大型活動統籌等。

全新裝修,包場party,聚會,私人派對,租場,workshop,工作坊,好去處,派對 #Party,party place,生日party,派對,場地,生日會,拍攝場地


Comfortable atmosphere - Near Kwun Tong MTR!

- 1,800sq feet (accommodate up to 80 people)
- Facilities: Projector, TV, Sound System, Karaoke, Board Game, Electronic Game, Open Kitchen, Table & Chair, etc
- One-Stop Party Service: Catering, Decoration, Photography, Videography, Entertainment (Magician, Clown, Party Lady, Liveband and Emcee, etc), Face Painting, Thank You Gift, Bouncy Castle, Balloons, Candy Bar, Art and Craft, Game Booth and Event Planning, etc.

Party Room - Venue & Event Planning

  : 9668-1366   : https://www.facebook.com/hkpartyroom/
  : 2389-3226 or 9668-1366   : http://www.partyroom.hk
  : [email protected]   : 觀塘開源道54號豐利中心1102室
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