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KVL Consultant & Engineering has over 20 years experience in the Computer and Audio Visual Lighting sectors, working across overseas & locally. We also work with a wide variety of corporate clients and for many specialist production, presentation and communications companies in this exciting sector. Working closely with clients to gain an insight into their requirements and 'off the shelf' or tailored solutions to meet their needs. All services and products offered by KVL are of the highest standard and quality.

KVL is supplier independent; as new products and technology come to the market, prices become more cost-effective, allowing us to pass cost benefits to you, our customer. The demands of production work are unique, and we offer top quality equipment and attitudes, plus an unfailing ability to work against the clock and prepare venues and site-specific spaces quickly for these events. We have the huge advantage of being able to supply the full production package as opposed to just one technical discipline.

Coming to KVL can be a one-stop shop for all your production needs - a move that can save a lot of headaches and ensure a smooth running operation that is integrated at the outset.

We also set up to provide excellent facilities from an extensive stock of conventional fixtures, trussing, motors and rigging equipments, ground support systems, main distribution gear, follow spot, special effects and haze generating devices. We provide the full touring package - equipment and skilled crew.

If you do not see the items you require here, please let us know, as it is highly likely that we can obtain it, or at least point you in the right direction. The audio visual lighting industry is a high-tech industry with unfamiliar measurements and standards which can be confusing. Our engineers recognize that choosing the right equipment can be difficult for the non-technical. Feel free to contact us as we are only too willing to talk you through any queries that you might have.

Our experienced staff of professional service

We can provide full service equipment delivery and setup

We can provide professional designers engineers, and stage hands

We can provide full range rental equipment

We can provide full installation, management, and system operation

Our Engineer and design the proper system for your event

Hong Kong Office:

3A, 3/F, Gee Chang Building,
108 Lock Shan Road, Tokwawan,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.

(852) 2388 6515
Fax:     (852) 2780 6569