Xenyo is a team of designers, marketers and developers. We love working in technologies and projects that we believe in, for every client and customer we care about. We are currently the largest Drupal development team in Hong Kong. We build beautiful high end websites powered by the award-winning content management system, Drupal that appeals to both users and search engines. Please click here to see how we are partnering with the some of the largest organizations in Hong Kong and the globe to deliver them the web solutions we are proud of.


Xenyo 擁有優秀且經驗豐富的設計師,程式開發員,及網路營銷專家。致力於為客戶提供最優秀的網站應用及解決方案。我們現時為全港最大Drupal開發團隊。我們採用連續多年榮獲全球最佳CMS大獎的Drupal,為客戶建立一個深受網絡用家及搜尋引擎均喜愛的優質網站。我們的服務範疇廣泛,從一般網頁設計 到按行業種類,特別需求,不同的預算而度身訂造的高端網站均一應俱全。(詳情按此)



What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management framework written in PHP maintained and developed by a community of over 1,000,000 users and developers. Organizations, ranging from local business to global corporations, use Drupal. Click here for more. (Click here for more)


什麼是Drupal ?

Drupal 是一套以PHP語言編寫的開放源碼內容管理平台,以擁有多種實用的功能見稱。可以用來建置從個人網誌到大型網路社群等各種類型的網站。使用Drupal的著名公司包括聯合國、美國白宮、美國商務部、華納唱片、紐約觀察報、Fast Company、Popular Science、SonyBMG、富比士、哈佛大學等網站,或是個人部落格(Tim Berners-Lee) 、播客網站(TWIT.tv)、線上社群(SpreadFireFox.com)等等。(詳情按此)


Our Services (服務項目)

Drupal development and support   (Drupal 開發及支援)

Web design (網站設計)

Web hosting (網站寄存)

Search Engine Optimization, SEO (優化搜尋引擎)

Google AdWords Management /Pay Per Click Marketing (Google AdWords 管理/PPC 廣告)

Content Management System (CMS) (内容管理系統)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (客戶管理系統)

Online Store Development 網上商店

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Our Clients (尊貴客戶)

South China Morning Post - Young Post

OmniChannel Asia


Insight Robotics

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Contact Us (聯絡我們)