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19-20學年好不知所謂?成龍居終期試預備班幫你補底+操卷再秒殺 Final Exam!

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2020-06-02 刊登者: Actions Speak Louder than Words! 已驗證

  • 導師會為每位學生評估其學習需要並編制最合適的上課模式以便提升學生的學術水平應試技巧
  • 設有whatsapp群組以便家長學生課後跟進課程進度


喇沙小學:Band B- →Band A→喇沙書院(英文科全級前三名)
德望中學:被編入英文輔導班→DSE English Level5*→香港科技大學 BBA
英國哈羅書院:IELTS 7.0→IELTS 8.0→倫敦大學 MBBS
男拔萃書院:運動班→DSE English Level 5→墨爾本大學 BA
英皇書院:DSE重讀生→DSE English Level 5→香港大學 BSc


歡迎致電/whatsapp 51089883查詢堂費和上課時間詳情




Course features:

  • All courses are conducted by experienced secondary school teachers who are graduates of La Salle College and Cambridge University


  • A pre-course assessment will be carried out for students in order to analyze students’ learning needs and cater for learning diversity


  • Post-lesson enquires and feedback can be obtained via learning groups in whatsapp


Academic achievement of Mr. Koo’s students:

  • La Salle Primary School: Band B- → Band A → La Salle College (Top 3 in Form ranking)


  • Kowloon Alliance Primary School: English Group 3→ English Group 1→ DBS


  • Good Hope School: English Remedial Class → DSE English Level 5*→BBA, HKUST


  • Harrow School (the U.K.): IELTS 7.0→IELTS 8.0→ MBBS, Imperial College


  • Diocesan Boy’s School: Sports Scholar → DSE English Level 5→BA, Melbourne U


  • King’s College: DSE Repeater→ DSE English Level 5→BSc, HKU


Please call / whatsaapp 51089883 to obtain more info about lesson schedule and rates

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