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博士主理,至2021年累積20.5年經驗 。博士級論文、編輯、研究分析指導輔導諮詢支援。 Essay, Assignment, Dissertation, Thesis, SPSS Guidance.

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    Administered by a DBA with ex-PhD candidacy, a Hong-Kong based physical company providing Academic Guidance/ Learning Support / Consultation. Home News & Updates Vision, Mission & Administered by a DBA with ex-PhD candidacy (DipCompStudies, DipTESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, DBA, ex-PhD candidate in Business Language), DCWACC, as of 2017, has 16.5 years of experience in Academic Guidance up to Doctoral level (Of the 16 years, 9.5 of which being in the trade. The predecessor of DCWACC was a JV in 2007. DCWACC opened its door as a a separate entity in 2008). Objectives Academic Guidance Services Inquire & Order Contact & Address 中文 DCWACC maintains 100% in-house operations in Hong Kong on a realistic scale. DCwACC has partaken in 750+ projects of different sizes and areas. If you are a PhD or qualified in Hong Kong, you do not need a so-called agency, which is not likely to have legal standing, to represent you in Hong Kong. Additionally, DCWACC is NOT a middle-man sales repre text,font,line,document,paper
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1 資歷:

DipCompStudies, DipTESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, DBA, ex-PhD candidate in Business & Language 代寫 代做

2 主要指導及支援範圍: 

Business Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism, Project Management, HK Law, Building & Consturction, Education, Marketing & Advertising, Psychology, Nursing, Medical, Housing & Facility Management, Linguistics & Translation, IT and Statistics.

不外判丶不是中介丶絕非虛擬網站式中介。已參與 900+大小學術論文指導支援工作, 100% 實體本地運作,你能實體接觸到丶問到丶互動到。


即時詢及報價:  Email: [email protected] Tel and Whatsapp: 852-6693-4106

了解更多: http://www.dcwahk.com

3 顧問指導服務範圍:

- 學術論文/研究報告 (Essay, Proposal, Thesis, Dissertation, Critical Appraisal, Meta Analysis & Literature Review)

- 學術論文編輯 (Overhauls of Academic Writing Logic, Flow, Structure, Clarity & Fluency)

- 質化/量化 數據收集及分析 (Structural Equation Modeling, Chi-square, T-test, Factor Analysis, ANOVA, MANOVA, Regression, Correlation, Adjusted Analyses, Coding, Thematic Analysis, Ethnography & Grounded Theory)

- 質化/量化 研究顧問服務 (Qualitative & Quantitative Research Consultancy)

- 協助尋找文獻、研究材料 (Literature Searches, Assistance in Field Data Collections & Observations)


即時詢及報價:  Email: [email protected]  Tel and Whatsapp: 852-6693-4106

了解更多: http://www.dcwahk.com



- A company registered in Hong Kong with a valid Hong Kong business certificate, clients are protected under the Hong Kong law

- DCWACC is administered by a DBA with ex-PhD candidacy (DipCompStudies, DipTESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, DBA, ex-PhD candidate in Business + Language), research rigor is emphasized

- DCWACC is NOT a middle-man sales coordinator making a claim that many staff / teams are working behind the scenes

- As a focused company, DCWACC puts emphasis on quality rather than quantity

- Reliable in-house research sources, Peer-reviewed ONLY! etc... Clients are never asked to give passwords and usernames for database access

- Two-way interactive learning, nothing is virtual

- 100% Made in Hong Kong

- Genuine, DCWACC does only what it knows, marketing is not employed to create overstated/unrealistic perceptions

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