Excel report / dashboard construction. Data analysis and insights for business decision.

Hong Kong-based Big Data Analytics service provider, offering one-stop data services, such as Data Consultation, Data Platform, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analysis...
V商業 / 顧問Video Hong Kong

DNB has access to Hoover's database, which can help you with refined marketing solutions for your business.
j商業 / 顧問jansj2315

Hello! Miss.S received in Bachelor degree in Mathemtatics Economics from University of Calfiornia, Los Angeles. She has worked as a Data Analyst/Data Scientist for 5 years in the United States and

大學論文指導 Private tutoring (help in assignments, essays, theses, or dissertations) for university students to improve your all-around academic skills
h教學進修 / 專業課程hkprivate.student.tutoring

本公司服務十年以上, 24小時一站式大學功課/論文/DSE中,英,數,通識和毅進等等指導和改文服務,大學講師解答電話/WhatsApp/WeChat查詢. 你哋有功課上嘅問題不能解決,可以隨時WhatsApp/WeChat/致電我哋,我哋可以24小時幫你. 除此之外,我們和其他公司不同之處,就是可以電話聯絡和解答有關功課上嘅查詢.從而令你更加清楚你份功課嘅方向和處理方法. 價錢經濟,百分百準時交
A商業 / 撰稿Assignment Aid

博士主理,至2021年累積20.5年經驗 。博士級論文、編輯、研究分析指導輔導諮詢支援。 Essay, Assignment, Dissertation, Thesis, SPSS Guidance.

100% 實體本地運作,已參與 1090+學術論文指導與支援項目,絕非網站式外判中介。查詢報價: order@dcwahk.com / 852 6693-4106 /3118-2404 了解更多: http://www.dcwahk.com. Essay, Assignment, Dissertation, Thesis, SPSS 指導與支援.

Server | Virus | Email Problem | PC Problem | MAC | Data Recovery | Data Transfer |Relocation & Move Office Planning | Networking | Fibra , Cat 6 , Coaxial Network |Satellite to IPTV Solution | CCTV

主要範圍: Business Mgt, Human Resources Mgt, Tourism, Project Mgt, HK Law, Building & Construction, Education, Marketing & Advertising, Psychology, Nursing, Medical, Housing Facilities Mgt

We work closely with our clients to develop their motor insurance books by assisting them with portfolio analysis and pricing capabilities.
A汽車及電單車 / 汽車保險Asia Capital Reinsurance Group Pte. Ltd. (Asia Capital Re)亞洲資本再保險集團私人有限公司

DK Media provides wide range of services with professional media analysis and strategy.
攝影及影音 / 節目及活動DK Media│時藝媒體集團有限公司

Professional Image and Beauty Services Consultation Personal Image Design Professional Image and Attire Make-up & Hair Style Design Personal Body Type Personality Style Grooming Color Analysis

Our business development is based on long-time mutual-beneficial relationship with our clients by offering competitive prices , reliable products and after sales services.

UCLA Mathematics/ Economics major and a statistics minor with 4 years of professional experience
M教學進修 / 補習Miss Shu

全職會計補習導師 Financial Accounting 會計補習 Financial Management 實體/網上教學 Hong Kong Taxation Corporate Finance

稅務經驗豐富,我們致力為客戶提供優質卓越的服務, 以幫助客戶找到合適的解決方案併能在香港的稅務條例下儘量減少在稅務上的支出. 開公司, 無難道. 會計稅務,專業可靠, 信心之選. Whatsapp 9332 8167
A商業 / 會計及稅務Accounting Joe

Enroll the services of the most reliable lead generation companies in Dubai, UAE, to buy sales leads in Dubai and increase your overall lead conversion rates.
j商業 / 顧問jansj2315
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