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日本人導師,網上實時補習 ,網上教學, 日文 教授日語私人補習,日本語Japanese tutor, Children language tutor

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兒童或成年日語課程興趣班 大家好,本人為曰本籍女導師,有超過20年教學經驗,曽在日本幼兒園教授曰語,現全職為私人曰語導師,小童至成人,會因不同年齡為學生定造一個適合的課程,教小朋友生動有趣,在互動的教學環境下,輕鬆學習。因不同年齡的學習模式也有不同,教學由淺入深,對小朋友來說,快樂學習是最重要,這樣孩子才願意學下去,因語言是需要累積才能有成果,教學方式不单從基本學起,也從玩遊戲輕鬆進行。 學費每小時250元起。 有興趣請聯絡中村老師。Watsapp 6076 3836

上課地點:Lohas PArk, Tseung Kwan O, or other 網上實時補習, Online skype / other platforms

こんにちは、中村と申します。Hello, I am Nakamura. I was born in Chiba, Japan and have been tutoring for more than 10 years. I have tutored beginners to advanced, including those studying for the JLPT N1 exams. My lesson style is tailored to each student and feedback and homework(if desired) is given to each student at the end of each lesson.

For those interested in practicing their speaking, we can choose a few topics before our tutoring session. Otherwise, I have plenty of notes and conversational topics that we can use. I also have many years of experience in tutoring students sitting the Japanese language proficiency test, and my latest hardworking student just passed her N1 exam in December 2019!

I believe that learning should be fun and interactive especially for children! I have plenty of study materials such as flash cards, craft kits and books that children will enjoy.

I look forward to meeting you and your children :)

Fees start from 250 HKD/hour

Location Lohas PArk, Tseung Kwan O or another mutually convenient place. Zoom/skype.

Please contact me on watsapp (6076 3836 ) for further enquiries.

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